Our Health Education program

Was born with the idea to encourage daily care hygiene sometimes with small workshops on how to wash hands or brush teeth, and how to deal with family issues in a psychological way or even how to say no to strangers. In addition Sports, photography, music, theater and scout programs in coordination with local troop are also improved.


Day Care Center

Working and housework are part of the daily reality of most of the families in La Carpio community, in response to the situation we have decided to open a day care center. To ensure quality care for the children we have to groups of trained teachers who work to shifts per day.


Beds and Basic Food Basics

We all know a good night sleep and a full stomach are essential for school performance. As a solution we have the “A Bed for Every Child” program in where volunteers build beds in dedicated workshops organized by local volunteers with difficult family issues this way they are able to give back the community a positive contribution.

We are partnered with supermarkets like Auto Mercado, food which is still good for consumption but not for store selling purposes are given to hundreds of families, all they have to pay is a small transportation fare.


Clinic Project

In 2004 we began the construction of a community clinic in La Carpio, to provide care for the health of the community members. In the year 2010, we were able to close down this traditional health clinic since the government health care improved, people’s health was stabilized and the population was not in such dire straits. Our clinic building was later converted into a holistic health center, which provides peer counseling and massage services, complete with aroma therapy and music relaxation. As of 2014 the building downstairs where the clinic was set up, is now used as a library and early age stimulation center for children from the area.