Why kids?

We believe that helping children has long-lasting benefits for them, their families and their communities. Caring and connecting with kids and improving their physical, emotional and affective conditions is also critical in achieving our vision of a world where every person has the right to live a healthy, productive life.

Is known that children affected by risk factors during early childhood often face many difficulties through their lives. Among them is economic hardship, lack of working opportunities and low quality of life. Other factors, such as low education levels and academic failure, especially when combined with poverty, can increase children’s chances of adverse outcomes.


Get Involved

What does it takes to combat a huge social issue such as poverty? It takes teamwork, awareness and many helping hands. We want to inspire people to take action, get involved and support our initiative Have a question for us? We will be happy to tell you how you can help us give!


There are many ways you can help us

There are multiple ways to contribute and support our effort. You can serve as volunteer and work side to side with local organizations, including children’s and women shelters and community centers. If the time to help is limited, you can do it in other ways, either through donations or with food, clothing, books and other materials.


Education is the Key

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”
George Washington Carver
Every year, millions of people find ways to transition out of poverty, and the key for that change lies in education. Granting access to education is not only an effective way to eradicate poverty, it is also an essential way to empower kids to look for a better future. But perhaps the major strength of education is its ability to guarantee the same opportunities for everyone, regardless of social or economic background. It also help individuals to develop a better understanding of the world they live in, recognize the dignity of others and respect different opinions.